Saturday, 22 October 2016


kent weit 4 2moro es i am going to klate

side note
i just hope that everyone is happy with everything!!! hahaha
slowly luvin livin da solo dolo lyfe

remembered exactly why i hated it hahaha
hated the idea of it je ok i dont hate anyone

Monday, 10 October 2016


thank u for the closure bcs i needed that. meh, not gonna hate u or anything like that. i hope u ruin everything for a solid reason, and i really hope that ure happy. and she'll be happy as well. i hope she makes u happy like the guy u should be.

all ur life u feel like uve been pushed around, i hope she wont push u around. i hope ull appreciate her, all of her. i hope the both of u have a high tolerance towards one another. a high understanding between one another.

i hope ull never stop writing, whatever it is may it be- lies or truth meh, i dont even know anymore. i hope she'll treat u well. i hope she considers ur feelings as well.

a part of me wishes u all da best but theres this tiny voice inside my head wanna see u get hit by a train haha or just maybe fall into the drain.

meh, all in all im happy for u, i really am.
be happy for me too bcs my 7 year plan is back on track again.