Saturday, 17 December 2016

Ego & Zero Consideration

Some people they just put others on mute. They refuse to listen, refuse to pay attention, refuse to see the case in a bigger picture, from different angles.

"Take em all, take em all, go ahead" then they sarcastically retreat and went moody all day long.

Some people will never agree with opinions other than theirs. How cruel is that, to live in this world, with various views and various people, but to only live in a harsh way; hurting others while you're riding it?

Cant fathom.

Diff issue - when A is a friendly person towards others, you wont be surprised if A is friendly with you. When A is a disciplined person, you won't be surprised if A showed up early. When A is a thoughtful person, its not weird to receive a hug from A on your bad day.

But when you constantly see A lying to other people, dont be surprised if A has told you 10 thousand lies.

Your priorities says a lot about you.
Theres always something new to learn everyday.

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