Sunday, 1 January 2017

Hello 2017!

I somehow feel worried, I might display too much of my relationship with Danial online? Hahaha! But I always do that, when I love something, I want the whole world to know hahahaha. Okay la I wanted to say yang I don't see any problem in that but na ah there is a problem with that. Bukan ke hidup kita kena consider orang lain juga.

Anyway thats just a thought. Well, my new year is filled with worry- because of a black cat. I need to name this cat. Don't know what to call her. Not even sure if it's a her but imma just call her, her. Because shes so gedik and mengada wanna give food also dowan my god. I feel like crying okay when I heard her meowing outside my window and I can't do anything about it. Gosh... Thank god for Johan. Dia amikkan the cat.

Right now shes under my bed, sleeping :)

And as for 2016... asyik teringat; waktu part 01, class Dr Kie. He asked us to tell ourselves over and over again, yang kita ni bodoh. Yup, dalam class "awak semua ni apa...?" "bodoh lagi". ID lecturers ah I tell u they're something else. And I actually like the concept of "Aku Bodoh" ni because each year, mcm right now ni, when I reflect back, I realized that I learned and gained so much tahun ni. More than the year before. And bila pandang masa hadapan, the possibilities are endless. Macam-macam akan belajar lagi! Benda tu made me realize that I am so so so so so very small. A tiny living being; a Yana.

That excites me, to learn more to gain more xp to gain more knowledge. Tazzabar!

For all of the people yang went out and came into my life, I'm so sure yang behind everything ada hikmah right now (esp after the cat incident). I'm grateful, so very grateful. To get to know new people during internship. To get to know my studiomates more. To get to know that theres someone as amazing as Danial hiding along Jalan Nuri.

I wish I was flawless, a flawless creature. But let's face it, nobody is! So, jauh dari sudut hati, yang jauh tak dapat digali, aku minta maaf. For all of my wrongdoings, to everyone.

Harapnya yang indah-indah aja di 2017, bercampur duka, apa salahnya; life kot. Hehe amin.

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