Monday, 26 December 2016

Hmmm future?

Hello masa depan? Di manakah anda akan membawa saya?

It's my final semester--- I need to plan out my future haha. I've been considering a part time job / full time at any ID Company near Shah Alam, or at Shah Alam itself. And degree, I want to continue ID. I'm really passionate about it, of course I love plenty of other things as well but id speaks to me like no other courses can. Archi pun interesting but I really like ID more. Industrial Design pun interesting weh. Hmm. Graphic pun, graphic pun!!!

But let's focus on my studies (degree) first. Danial kept talking about UIA (alah he wants me to be closer to him je :p) but I heard good stuff about UIA, even miss dila is doing her masters there and she speaks nicely of the department and im really interested, i really am. Epap kept talking about USM (penang; thats twice the distance from shah alam to perak) i dont know about the department (ID) bcs epap dalam archi so, it's diff. I need to find out more. Taaaaapi, the thought of Penang. The thought of me, studying in Penang... my god, tempting nya. Hahahaha! Okay ni fikir berjalan lebih ni. Tapi yelah, bila lagi? Kan?

On the other hand, my fav senior, who helped me a lot - Sam. Insist me on finding a scholarship out of Malaysia. Hmm. Pastilah nak, gila taknak? Sebab this is very general la, satu benda ni akan ubah banyak benda. One thing about studying in Malaysia, design berorientasikan cuaca panas je and hujan. But once u go out, akan belajar 4 season. And benda tu je, akan belajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar banyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak sangaaaaaaaaaaat. Banyak yang perlu di-consider thus banyak yang akan belajar.

Kaaaahwin? Haaahaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ni kalau jadi ni mmg lain cerita dia ni. Hahahaha. Leklu, tunggu habis diploma ni dulu okay. Alah kawin time degree pun boleh apa. Boleh Danial buatkan model, pergi print kan board, kan? Hahahaha!!! Main main je. Main main je.

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