Monday, 25 December 2017


I deactivated my social medias because it sort of makes me... unhappy without even realizing it. The expectations I have. The insecurities I get. The stupid things I was forced to see, yknow things like Sajat, Qu Puteh. HHA...A.... no. But the actual reason is purely just for myself. I expect a lot from life when I see perfectly curated things online, yknow? Perfect relationships. Perfect and happy girls who seems like they never got sad.

But aaaanyhow I'm still on Tumblr, Youtube and here. Tumblr for me is just a perfectly equal balance of happiness and sadness. (It really depends on who you follow tho haha) and there's so much positivity in there. Body image positivity & so on and i think the people that I follow just celebrates diversity, difference and all the little things in life. Oh I'm still on Spotify ahaha. I mean... how could I not be?

Its Christmas Day today, it's the 25th of December. It's a Monday haha which is a plus plus plus because cuti! :-) I love long weekends. I spent my weekends with mama and Danial (seperately) oh but together too la. Danial came home on Saturday and we actually went out after hahaha we went on the most random trip.

We had the best day :-) we also had a good lunch :-)

Over the weekends we saw 3 movies. We saw Coco in the cinemas. Watched La La Land. Watched My Fair Lady. All three of them are great. All of them are musical too! I love musicals. I love Across The Universe, and also Moulin Rouge.

I've been really inspired lately and most of the inspirations came from these 3 youtubers and the things i reblogged on Tumblr.

She's a Designer and I watched all of her videos already... ha ha... I love her process of making the videos. She created everything by herself which is quite unique.

LaMadelyn, her channel is aesthetically pleasing. GosH. And she's so darn cute. I can't even. Watch her other videos too.

Conan. I love his music. He's an art student and I just love watching his journey from high school to uni. Moving from Texas to LA. He's at such a beautiful transition and the fact that he's documenting it and sharing them is just so good to see yknow.

Okay that's all for now :-)

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Hello sunshine!

A banner! Can't wait to use more of this tablet. I've been neglecting it for such a long time.

Monday, 9 October 2017

So, yeah

This is a bit private yet I know this blog doesn't get much visitors so I guess it should be okay for me to write about it here.

I have an ovarian cyst and its normal for women to have it. Went to the clinic without expecting it at all. It's normal to have it, it is. But it brought along hormonal imbalance.

I am already very driven by emotions when its the time of the month. Sometimes i feel like there is no in between, im either a zero or a complete 10.  Jealousy, feeling sad, feeling unworthy (gosh this is really really bad tho, sumpah i cant even) and the list of emotions goes on and on.

After the doctor told me the cyst would disturb my hormones, gosh everything makes sense... I was so, very much, so much, bitter towards the people around me. Now that i know better, i can actually talk some sense into myself whenever im under that grey cloud. Masih ambil masa, it didnt happen in a blink of an eye.

Oh well my next checkup is next month. So... We'll see.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Playlist : Liyana

There's this one playlist on Spotify called Liyana.

Danial created it for my birthday. And on my birthday, we went out and this playlist was the soft velvet running through my ears.

Now whenever I listen to this playlist I could only remember the good times I had and all the places we went. Nothing seems to open on that day because it was a Sunday. But I had so much fun eating cakoi, driving around and taking photos.

I'm writing this as I'm listening to it :)

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Just Thinking

I've been listening to the Stories of The Prophets by Mufti Ismail Menk.
Within every story/kisah in the Quran, there's something for us to learn.

Followers of each Nabi, compared to the other party, is always smaller.
The ratio is crazily uneven.
Sometimes theres only 2 followers versus a whole other community of people.
So what is it that we can learn from that?

The majority isn't always right.

Sunday, 9 July 2017


Jauh di sudut hati, berantakan. Retak pabila siang, malam ku dikejar bayang. Kedua-duanya tidak tenteram.
Jauh di sudut hati, hanya berharap agar doa didengari; agar yang silap diampuni dan yang keji tidak dicaci.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Roll #1

raw & untouched photos of my first roll of film after so long. danial hadiahkan a disposable camera for my 20th birthday (2016) and man... it was such a thoughtful gift (how am i gonna top that?) in fact it was perfect. often we get presents that makes us happy for a brief moment tapi this one lasted for such a long time. and the photos turn out well, im so happy with the quality but then of course ada yang tak menjadi, but then again, normal lah film cameras kan. im just so happy :)

Saturday, 3 June 2017


^ that was me, breathing out sekuat hati

Where do I even begin? Im in a state of... not to say confusion lah, just in a state of uncertainty because I am jumping into this new portal that I've never experience before. I say portal because its dark and I'll never know apa ada kat dalam portal tu. U see? Bukan into this new light ke apa.

I baru kerja like 2 weeks, and my plan now is to continue kerja for awhile until I rasa... it's time for degree. We'll see. I dah cuba my hardest utk minta petunjuk from Allah and I rasa mana yang dipermudahkan tu, InsyaAllah it's the best for me. A part of me is just scared that what people say is going to be true.

"Kalau kerja lepas diploma lagi lagi perempuan mesti tak sambung dah"
"Kalau dah dapat duit mesti lupa belajar"

Yknow, things like that. But urm... theres just so many possibilities in life and I want to cherish that. I want to celebrate the differences in life, and my friend told me everyone has a different path in life, and it's okay to do things your way. Betul lah, kalau nak ikut kan bontot kawan je, tak boleh juga. Just be supportive towards each other I think that's the best way to do it. Be supportive.

And by different paths in life, that also includes not continuing degree- sebab theres so many possibilities and rezeki Dia bagi tu bermacam-macam. It is of course what I deeply want to achieve. But tu lah, we plan and Allah is the best planner of all.


Okay this is a different topic haha... today was such a weird day. Stressful indeed, its a saturday... bukan kah patutnya hariku berjimba? Haha no lah but its just weird and stressful. And I want to emphasize on how important it is to actually talk about your feelings with whoever you trust. I told mama yang I stress and Danial too. (Oh Danial dah habis degree, im so happy for him alhamdulillah. I wanna go to his convocation day insyaAllah) it is such a good feeling tau, when you realize that your problems exists and thats completely fine and ada people yang sudi dengar tu kira bagus sangat and especially when they truly care and loves you. And I also stumbled upon this quote the other day which makes so much, sooo much sense - so what if life is not perfect. It's not Jannah.

Betul sangat tu tau, because I often want things to be perfect and literally krai when things get wrong and then ill be okay again once i realize yang ni dunia hahahaha. Haih the silly cycle. Takpalah. I have things I want to blog about but I cant find the time to actually do it.

I want to make a special post about UiTM :) because i want to remember it and aha... since I dah tulis ni, I kena lah buat kan.

Okay bye bye

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

5 days after final presentation

I've been meaning to write. I miss it. Gosh, it's the same cycle over and over again. That feeling when I feel like I can't do it anymore; I'm not meant for whatever it is that I'm doing- I hate it so much. I feel so helpless whenever I feel that way.

I often feel like im not good enough and I have to reach this expectations that people have on me. My parent's expectations, my lecturer's as well. Its hard to satisfy everyone and at the same time be confident and happy with my own design.

I'm so lucky, alhamdulillah. All thanks to Allah. I have a great support system. I have my family and friends. And I have Danial who layan all my breakdowns, me crying in the toilet, me crying in the studio. He kept saying that he believes in me and gosh if only I could believe in myself just like he did, wouldn't things go a lil bit smoother? Layan all my insecurities about my work. He kept telling me that Im good enough, that Im doing all that i could to succeed. My emotions were at times unstable and i would be mad at him for no reason. Gosh.

But then he's still here. He believes in me; still.

He gave me a black book right before I went to SI waktu awal semester. Buku doa. He shows his love differently. It was so thoughtful because i need Allah on top of anything else. And I strongly, strongly believe that anything that came to me (good/bad) semuanya datang dari Dia and ada hikmah sendiri. And semua bantuan yang datang, takkan aku dapat if Allah tak benarkan. To have someone that constantly reminds me to never miss Quran, what else could I hope for during my hectic final year? And to have someone who made sure I woke up for Fajr, why would I ever want to find a replacement for that?

I was so busy and I couldnt go back to Shah Alam. All the hours in the bus was just pure nonsense at that time. (But right now im writing from home). He came to uni once. How nice of him. He called and asked me, "nak breakfast dekat ipoh tak?" I jumped like a crazy rabbit. He's understanding. That's all that I ever wanted and he's all that and even more.

I warned him before. Things are going to be messy as the time progresses. But there he is, with his arms wide open, ready to fix me and place my missing parts together, each and every single day. Thank you.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Days like this

Days like this; i became a sponge.

I soaked all of the (bad) things people told me,  and most importantly what i tell myself. I let others define me and im starting to believe that its true.

Maybe I am a hypocrite
Maybe I am a selfish person
Maybe I am an attention seeker
Maybe I am all of the above, all at once.

I'm slowly forgetting that the world is kind, that Allah is fair.

I'm slowly forgetting that there are people who genuinely care, i forgot that there are people who actually love me.

Days like this i just want to smack my head with a glass bottle. I just wanna rip my skin and become this; brand new- beautiful and perfect living thing. I want to be solid white once again, i want to rub off all of my dirt, flatten my ugly bumps, straighten my winding road.

Days like this, i just feel that im not enough for anyone and i dont deserve anyone.

Days like this doesnt come often but here it is, im living it today.

And today, i dont think i deserve love.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

My Day In Detail + Reasons Why I Should Never Stay Up

Once my sleeping pattern is screwed up, i'm half dead. I really am.

Yesterday morning okay lah everything went well. But I didn't get to nap during the afternoon which honestly pisses me off. And then I was late for Zuhur, which made me more mad at myself. Stuck in a lecture so there was nothing I can do about it. I prayed Zuhur around 3:30 p.m. I wasn't late, but I was and it made me uncomfortable.

Did my work, ooookay. Asr. Then wanted to pray Maghrib but I couldn't pray anymore. So I took a nap... okay... this is where everything flipped 180 degrees. Eek. But I was having a headache since morning. That's why I nak tidur sangat-sangat.

Dear Yana, then you did a horrible mistake of listening to others as if you dont know yourself and as if you don't know how your own body works- how the system of your brain functions. Then you woke up, Yana. You woke up around 8, and then you left the studio, went to your room, and slept even more.

But then you woke up, around 1130. At this minute right here, great news came through whatsapp (danial safely landed, hamdellah). Ok, then you took a shower, and you continuously did your work for the next 13 hours straight.

And please realize this, dear self. Remind yourself that this is exactly why you shouldn't do it (anymore/at all/often). You are a lagging Photoshop. You are a lost user of Sketchup, lost in between walls, lost in between the hollows of the furniture. You are a crashed Autocad. You are everything bad.

You are working but you are lagging. You are functioning, but it took a while for you to start up. Please Yana just don't do it again.

It is more safe, and you feel much more energetic with your routine. Why don't u stick to it haigo tu lah dia. Tu lah makannya.

Sleep at 10. Wake up at 2. Or just sleep around 11-12, wake up at 4. Then do your work, Work till afternoon. Take a nap. A 20 mins nap. Then work till maghrib, rest for awhile. Work summore. Repeat. Yknow it works for you. Why are u doing this to urself yana you feel like shit right now. Remember that KEEPppepp Thattt iNNN mInndddDDD

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Hello 2017!

I somehow feel worried, I might display too much of my relationship with Danial online? Hahaha! But I always do that, when I love something, I want the whole world to know hahahaha. Okay la I wanted to say yang I don't see any problem in that but na ah there is a problem with that. Bukan ke hidup kita kena consider orang lain juga.

Anyway thats just a thought. Well, my new year is filled with worry- because of a black cat. I need to name this cat. Don't know what to call her. Not even sure if it's a her but imma just call her, her. Because shes so gedik and mengada wanna give food also dowan my god. I feel like crying okay when I heard her meowing outside my window and I can't do anything about it. Gosh... Thank god for Johan. Dia amikkan the cat.

Right now shes under my bed, sleeping :)

And as for 2016... asyik teringat; waktu part 01, class Dr Kie. He asked us to tell ourselves over and over again, yang kita ni bodoh. Yup, dalam class "awak semua ni apa...?" "bodoh lagi". ID lecturers ah I tell u they're something else. And I actually like the concept of "Aku Bodoh" ni because each year, mcm right now ni, when I reflect back, I realized that I learned and gained so much tahun ni. More than the year before. And bila pandang masa hadapan, the possibilities are endless. Macam-macam akan belajar lagi! Benda tu made me realize that I am so so so so so very small. A tiny living being; a Yana.

That excites me, to learn more to gain more xp to gain more knowledge. Tazzabar!

For all of the people yang went out and came into my life, I'm so sure yang behind everything ada hikmah right now (esp after the cat incident). I'm grateful, so very grateful. To get to know new people during internship. To get to know my studiomates more. To get to know that theres someone as amazing as Danial hiding along Jalan Nuri.

I wish I was flawless, a flawless creature. But let's face it, nobody is! So, jauh dari sudut hati, yang jauh tak dapat digali, aku minta maaf. For all of my wrongdoings, to everyone.

Harapnya yang indah-indah aja di 2017, bercampur duka, apa salahnya; life kot. Hehe amin.