Thursday, 19 January 2017

My Day In Detail + Reasons Why I Should Never Stay Up

Once my sleeping pattern is screwed up, i'm half dead. I really am.

Yesterday morning okay lah everything went well. But I didn't get to nap during the afternoon which honestly pisses me off. And then I was late for Zuhur, which made me more mad at myself. Stuck in a lecture so there was nothing I can do about it. I prayed Zuhur around 3:30 p.m. I wasn't late, but I was and it made me uncomfortable.

Did my work, ooookay. Asr. Then wanted to pray Maghrib but I couldn't pray anymore. So I took a nap... okay... this is where everything flipped 180 degrees. Eek. But I was having a headache since morning. That's why I nak tidur sangat-sangat.

Dear Yana, then you did a horrible mistake of listening to others as if you dont know yourself and as if you don't know how your own body works- how the system of your brain functions. Then you woke up, Yana. You woke up around 8, and then you left the studio, went to your room, and slept even more.

But then you woke up, around 1130. At this minute right here, great news came through whatsapp (danial safely landed, hamdellah). Ok, then you took a shower, and you continuously did your work for the next 13 hours straight.

And please realize this, dear self. Remind yourself that this is exactly why you shouldn't do it (anymore/at all/often). You are a lagging Photoshop. You are a lost user of Sketchup, lost in between walls, lost in between the hollows of the furniture. You are a crashed Autocad. You are everything bad.

You are working but you are lagging. You are functioning, but it took a while for you to start up. Please Yana just don't do it again.

It is more safe, and you feel much more energetic with your routine. Why don't u stick to it haigo tu lah dia. Tu lah makannya.

Sleep at 10. Wake up at 2. Or just sleep around 11-12, wake up at 4. Then do your work, Work till afternoon. Take a nap. A 20 mins nap. Then work till maghrib, rest for awhile. Work summore. Repeat. Yknow it works for you. Why are u doing this to urself yana you feel like shit right now. Remember that KEEPppepp Thattt iNNN mInndddDDD

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