Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Change is hard, I should know.

8 months before, I was crying my ass off because I have to stay in Shah Alam. At that moment i was too attached with Seri Iskandar, gosh I miss that place so much. Theres basically nothing there, thats why i miss it so much. Its calm, the sky in Perak was always beautiful. Foggy mornings. Cold nights. Cheap food. Great studiomates.

Now that ive spent 8 months here (at Shah Alam), my feet is in the ground. I honestly never thought that itd end up this way. That id end up feeling this way. My emotions are unstable, i feel rocky, i might lose my balance. I need to get myself together because this is it, my last semester for diploma. This is it. I need to ace it.

Its harder for me this time; i am sinking deeper because someone is pouring endless love and affection into my pool.

I hope Allah will help me through it all. InsyaAllah.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

I hope this is it

My friend told me the other day; u do realize that we're still young right? Dont stop searching now.
So what? So what if I want to settle here. Because I have plenty of reasons to stay.

Because I've never been loved more. I always find myself giving all I can to the ones who doesn't deserve it. He respects me, and gosh I respect him even more. He pushes me to be better, he constantly guide me to be a better person. Theres so much more but Danial I know ure stalking me. So I'm not gonna continue anymore lol.

When you stumble upon someone who could potentially be the one who you could struggle with your whole life, why not, why not settle with that person?

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Turning 20 on the 20th

I wanted to do a blog post about Kelantan. That was weeks ago haha. I expressed my experience through a letter so it feels weird writing about the same thing twice.

Anyway, its the 20th of November, and I'm 20.

Somehow I feel that this is compulsory. I'm not gonna do 20 things I learn by 20, omg thats a lot. Just whatever realization that came knocking on my door la kebelakangan ni.

  • Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. That's William Shakespeare; and it is so true. Friends 'round me mcm been having problems kan, ala who doesnt, even aku juga constantly finding myself stuck in a web of problems. Then, we face difficulties on how to act towards certain people. I would always get back to that quote (or at least I try to). Which leads to my second point...
  • Biar Ikhlas. Its a seriously simple formula. U buat baik, akan dibalas baik. What made it complicated (kononnya) is that katakanlah we give so much to this person- A. But A never gives anything back to you. Thus; u jadi sedey pedey. Let's zoom out a bit. Pluuuuup *zoom out* I'm sure u receive goodness from someone else jugak kan? U receive unexpected kindness from unexpected people. Allah will give back to you, Dia confirm bagi punya, tapi maybe jalan lain.

Thats why, just buat je baik to everyone because that's His perfect equation, what u give u'll get back! Mudahnya, I wish I knew it mcm earlierrrrr masa sekolah dulu. Makin lama, makin jelas, makin dengar cerita people mcm friends and all, their problems, my own problems, nampak yg das so true?

Anyway, I had a good day. A really fine day actually. Macam, His plans, are top notch. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Mana-mana pun, you'll never lose. Indahnya!!! Rasa terharu and nak nanes bila fikir hahahaha. Excuse me maafkan shaye.

selamat hari lahir to me and my sissy <3

our first photo together

exploring thru cfs